We would like you to enjoy the best dishes using the best ingredients prepared in the best possible way.

At Sushi Shizuku, we procure the freshest ingredients from all over Japan, not just from the fish market in Hokkaido, but also from Toyosu, Osaka and Hyogo. We provide our guests with tastes that can only be experienced in our restaurant based on the ingredients of the season as well as the best quality ingredients available on that day. Therefore all our dishes are presented in "omakase" form and the best ingredients selected each day can be enjoyed in a creative full course meal resplendent with the innovative ideas of chefs who are not bound by the framework of Edo-mae Sushi. We have a wide variety of alcoholic drinks including local sakes, wines and many special brands of sake. We are devoted to the quality of every last drop and we are eagerly awaiting your arrival.

What accentuates the balance of "taste" and "presentation" even more is a beautiful serving vessel.

In Japan, not only "taste", but beautiful and detailed "presentation" is something that has been pursued since ancient times. Even simple ingredients can be reborn into a dish that pleases the eye though the careful hands of a chef. At Sushi Shizuku, we specialize in dishes that appeal to the five senses as part of this commitment, we came to know the serving vessels and dishes produced by the shigaraki pottery artist Yasuhiro Ohara. You can enjoy Sushi Shizuku's fine dishes served on the unique ceramic works produced by Mr. Ohara and his young artists which incorporate contemporary art into traditional shigaraki pottery.


Chef's choice

This is a full course where you can enjoy the day's recommendations.
Based on the ingredients sourced on that day, we create new dishes and new menus every day.


This is a full course where you can enjoy the day's recommendations.

At Sushi Shizuku, we offer wines from KENZO ESTATE as well as 40 selections by a sommelier from Champagne, France which includes wine, Japanese sakes and Champagne. We will propose a mariage that takes into account the season, the dish and the customer's preference.

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