'Unique food that can only be tasted here' 'Unique tastes that can only be enjoyed here'.


On July 27th (Wed), our creative sushi and Japanese cuisine restaurant opens.

It is within walking distance of both Nagahori Station and Shinsaibashi Station.

A professionals fresh take on creative sushi and Japanese cuisine.
The ingredients used in the restaurant come from Hokkaido, as well as being directly delivered to the restaurant from many other fish markets, fishermen and markets around the country.

The menu changes every month in order to reflect the current season.
The dinner menu is predominately a set course menu, however an a la carte menu can also be offered.

The restaurants charm is its unusual ingredients and its fresh and unique ideas.

The Head Chef aims to impress and amaze customers by creating high-quality food that 'cannot be found anywhere else', using unique ingredients and making full use of the professionals' skills.

Relationships with Fisherman Unions, Fishermen and Farmers across the country.

We act as a mediator between the fishermen/farmers and our customers to produce the best cuisine with the best ingredients.
We bring you Shizuku, creative sushi that is one step ahead of the game.

Our heart goes into every single piece.

Our Head Chef has worked at a famous sushi restaurant in Hokkaido recommend by Michelin.

Our Head Chef won a gold medal at a Japanese Sushi Skill Contest when he was younger. He selects the freshest of materials from not only Hokkaido, but also gets the freshest of ingredients delivered directly from the fish ports daily.
He identifies the ingredients, then chooses the top quality ones, sometimes waiting a few days or weeks for them to ripen.
Our restaurant stocks a wide variety of locally brewed alcohol. We have a range of rarely seen distilled spirits, wines and sake for our customers to enjoy.

The Head Chef joined the sushi industry at the age of 15. He is a sushi veteran with over 20 years of experience in Hokkaido.

He worked as the Head Chef for 3 years at 'Asahi-zushi', listed in the Hokkaido Michelin. He then went solo in his home land of Hokkaido.
He knows just how to use his connections to get the best ingredients, and how to push forward in his new and unique ideas to make them reality. He is at the forefront of the sushi world.
The menu is very important as it aims to impress and amaze customers.

A sushi professional always cares more about 'people' than the 'restaurant'.

A professional with many years of experience under his belt, the Head Chef respects and cherishes the relationships built with Fisherman Unions and fishermen.
Even if the restaurant changes, the fishermen do not. They are there for you for life.
This relationship helps the Head Chef get ahead of the game and find out about new ingredients and local information. This in turn increases the Head Chef's knowledge and skills.

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